LORD JOHN AND THE PRIVATE MATTER is the first (accidental) novel in the Lord John Grey series, and the book responsible for there being a series about Lord John in the first place. Edit Biographical information Edit Written in My Own Heart's Blood Gabaldon, Diana. In the mistaken belief that Claire is an English prisoner of the Highlanders, Grey tries to "save" her; Jamie subdues him but spares his life. Occupation After his first encounter with Jamie Fraser in the Carryarick Pass, which continues to be a source of mortification to Grey, he does not meet the man again until he is appointed the new governor of Ardsmuir Prison, where Fraser is a captive of war, though still a natural leader among the other Jacobite prisoners. During the ball, John meets with Jamie in private to give him a miniature portrait of his son, William, and Claire observes them, unseen, as they embrace with great feeling. He considers it to be his lucky dagger during many adventures in the future. Briefly stationed at the town of Gundwitz with a group of English and Hanoverian soldiers, Grey is at first skeptical when he receives reports of a local succubus victimizing a number of men and murdering a Prussian soldier. He confides in Grey about the 'accidental' death of a Sergeant, which Quarry has documented as a 'misadventure' because, even if he could prove it was Fraser, he liked the Scot more than the sergeant. [24] They can be generally categorized as historical mysteries, and the three novels are shorter and focus on fewer plot threads than the main Outlander books. Lord John does not appear in person in The Fiery Cross, but he and Jamie exchange several letters throughout the novel. As Grey hurries to get his letter to send back he slips hitting his head, waking to Jack watching over him. Fraser rejects him utterly, and severs all contact with him. Rab tells Grey that the lady in green goes to the Lavender House on Barbican Street. Grey, meanwhile, has been plotting his defense while Everett has been talking, and chooses a glass of wine as his best weapon. Caswell did confirm that in late April a servant came for Trevelyan and Trevelyan and his lady left together that day. They meet again in January 1758, learning that they will become brothers by marriage, as Percy's step-father is to marry Benedicta Grey. Grey meets Manoke, an Indian scout working for the English army, when he arrives in Canada to testify at Charlie Carruthers's court-martial in 1759. Several days later, Lord John receives news that the ship supposedly carrying Jamie to America has sunk. Lord John is described as a man of slight build and shorter-than-average height (about 5'6"), with thick blond hair and large, long-lashed, light blue eyes. Throughout Jamie's parole, Lord John visits Helwater periodically to ensure Fraser's welfare. After leaving the warehouse Grey called upon von Namtzen to learn about the German wine and the list of buyers he'd gotten. Quarry offers a simple solution - find where Trevelyan goes whoring or just take him to a brothel and pay extra to learn the truth. During the battle, Grey takes charge of a gun crew that had lost its commander, and the cannon blows up after a few shots. As Caswell fulfilled his end of the bargain Grey revealed all the details of Everett's death and the events at the Hellfire Club. Grey is unsure how much Quarry had heard, let alone what he might have made of it. Over the next two days, Grey makes inquiries and speculations, thoroughly inspecting every corner of Front Street, but to no avail. Grey sends Tom to pack a bag so they can pursue as necessary and requests von Namtzen to stay and look over the papers on Mayrhofer's desk. Grey receives an invitation to a party hosted by Sir Richard Joffrey and Lady Lucinda Joffrey, from Quarry, who has attached his own note to Grey to come, as he had news. Doch seine Offiziersehre verpflichtet ihn, eine politische Intrige aufzuklären, deren Schlüssel allein bei Fraser liegt. Feeling no longer obligated to keep silent about Gerald's last request, Grey tells Quarry and Lucinda that Gerald felt he could not confide in anyone else, and asked Grey to meet him. And that under Hal's direction a footman employed by Trevelyan was to watch O'Connell's every move but, Jack has been missing since around O'Connell's death. While avoiding potential robbery Grey let his focus return to O'Connell. Lord John Grey ist ein freundlicher Mann, der schnell einen Draht zu Jamie Fraser findet. On Grey's twelfth birthday, he was given a pocket watch by his father, identical to the one his brother received on his own twelfth birthday. While in Prussia on a later campaign, Grey hears that von Namtzen suffered an accident which resulted in the amputation of one of his arms. Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Hurt and angry with Percy's recklessness, but also worried for him, Grey visits Percy in prison. By the time that Quarry and Grey manage to push through the throngs of people, Gerald lay dying upon the ground. Grey tells Claire that he has often wondered what Jamie had seen in her, and remarks that she has Jamie's courage. While Stubbs was disappointed, Grey is relieved that he'd not be taken too far from Helwater or more importantly Jamie Fraser. With how Rab spoke he didn't have any idea the lady in green wasn't a lady or the true nature of Lavender House, but Grey knew the house and that this investigation was going to take him to this place from his past. Australian actor David Berry portrays Lord John Grey as an adult starting in Season Three of the Outlander television adaptation. These finally being resolved, von Namtzen invites Grey to be seconded to von Namtzen's regiment in Prussia. In "If Not For Hope", Grey is a dinner guest of Jamie's aunt Jocasta MacKenzie Cameron. Gerald explains that he had been made an offer from George Bubb-Dodington, an offer he refused. Grey tried to figure out if their fleeing had something to do with the murder of the man in the green dress, which occurred the same day. But Everett is a momentary distraction, and Grey is introduced to Lady Lucinda, who is doing her best to keep up appearances, in spite of her distress over her cousin's murder. Fair Claire uses the name Mrs. Malcolm and Grey doesn't recognize her. Olivia Stubbs (cousin)Dorothea Hunter (niece, goddaughter)Benjamin Grey (nephew)Adam Grey (nephew)Henry Grey (nephew)See Grey Family An adult Lord John Grey is named the new governor of the prison in 1755, and the two form an awkward friendship, which is complicated by Grey's unrequited attraction to Jamie. Edit Grey gets drawn into conversation with Lady Mumford, Hector's mother. Lord John Grey Says Goodbye to Outlander", "Official site: Chronology of the Outlander Series", "Top 10 Crushworthy LGBT Characters in Sci-Fi/Fantasy", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Lord_John_Grey_(character)&oldid=977035901, Characters in American novels of the 20th century, Characters in American novels of the 21st century, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Benedicta Grey, Duchess of Pardloe (mother), This page was last edited on 6 September 2020, at 15:13. Later, after Claire has escaped the ship and Lord John has assumed his new position as governor of Jamaica, Lord John meets Jamie at a ball for his arrival as governor, and finally sees Claire for who she really is. In Dragonfly in Amber, sixteen year old Lord John gives his name as 'William Grey' when captured by Jamie during a botched rescue attempt. Which is search brings him to River Run where he meets Jamie's daughter Brianna and despite her attempt to blackmail him into standing in as her fiancee he agrees out of a sense of duty to Jamie. Their conversation is cut short when Bubb-Dodington makes his introduction to Grey, and invites him to come to Medmenham Abbey. In September 1777, Grey and Dottie watch British troops commanded by General Howe marching triumphantly into Philadelphia. She sends him on his way, Grey completely forgetting he was holding her copy of "Fanny Hill" that has a rather personal dedication to Benedicta sighed just 'J'. Grey tells Brianna that he has feelings of affection for her mother, and Brianna says that Claire considers Grey a good man and likes him. As an adult, Grey continues to frequent the club, preferring it to White's, of which he is also a member. Grey meets Claire for the second time in early 1767, during an outbreak of typhoid fever aboard the Porpoise, a ship carrying Grey—the new governor of Jamaica—to the West Indies. In 1746 John was attacked in the army's camp and raped. Grey reminds Quarry that the original pretext for their meeting at the party was some news Quarry had. After William and Jamie find Jane dead, Grey visits Campbell to claim her body and meets Claire with Fanny Pocock. Male Lord John and the Haunted Soldier Grey finds himself in the awkward situation of coming face to face with "Goldie-Locks", Neil Stapleton, in this meeting working as assistant to Hubert Bowles. He's also a man of honor and deep affections — whether returned or not. So far as Grey's own opinion counted, a love that sacrificed honor was less honest than simple lust, and degraded those who professed to glory in it. He knew her name just didn't care to use it knowing Fraser would never stop loving her. Blond[4] It becomes obvious that by the lengths they go to hide who she is in their arrivals and departures that she is a lady with a great deal to lose - leading Grey to believe she may be married. Quarry explains that he had learned that the offer Gerald had refused was an invitation to an event at Sir Francis Dashwood's home in West Wycombe. Constable Magruder dismissed that saying the man is too old for that since most didn't live to more than twenty. Grey also becomes involved again with Manoke, who takes a job at the plantation as his cook. And Jack worried - though not for Maria but for Trevelyan. He was enrolled for The Society for the Appreciation of the English Beefsteak, a gentlemen's club, upon his birth by his godfather, who began taking him there for lunch every Wednesday starting when he was seven. Edit However, John insisted on continuing to be called Lord John, as befitting a duke's younger son. Edit Lord John stops at River Run in the course of searching for Roger Wakefield, as Jamie had asked him to do months ago, but Brianna apprises him of the developments in the search for Roger. They strike a bargain. Anglican In May 2020, Berry announced that he would not be returning to Outlander for the sixth season. 5'6" (168 cm)[4] Diana explains in The Outlandish Companion that while writing Voyager, there were too many Williams to keep track of in a small space, and she decided to make 'William' Lord John's middle name. Caswell takes Grey up to a private room that Trevelyan keeps on a permanent basis and reveals that Trevelyan entertains a woman rather than a man in the room. Lord John and the Hellfire Club Grey is still with the 46th Regiment at the Battle of Culloden in 1746, but is prevented from fighting by his brother Lord Melton. He gladly accepts an urgent summons from his old friend Charlie Carruthers, who is facing court-martial in Canada. Grey escapes and reaches the British army's camp, where he is reunited with his brother Hal and William. Grey has three elder brothers: Harold "Hal" Grey, from his parents' marriage, and Paul and Edgar DeVane, half-brothers from his mother's first marriage. "[46] Around this time, Grey is raped by an unknown fellow soldier, but keeps silent. He also asks him questions about Jamie Fraser, claiming that he is looking for some man and wants to question Fraser, and mentions Grey's step-son William. When Dottie realizes that she is pregnant, Grey takes her back to New York to her husband Denzell Hunter. Richardson also makes it clear that he is aware of Lord John's homosexuality, and Claire warns Grey. Dieser Pinnwand folgen 358 Nutzer auf Pinterest. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers from the Outlander novels. Brianna discovers he is not, and gets Bonnet to carry John's lifeless body out and away from the building, which is set to explode. Fraser rejects him completely, and their relationship is shattered. Jamie asks John to look after his family, should anything happen to him. Luckily he has not lost too much time with the poisoning it just being the next day. Biografie David Berry . John recalled Culloden and Hector as he drank alone in the room. Edit The pair find themselves near the Exchange taking coffee, comparing London and how busy it is to their shared exile in the Highlands. Grey also encounters Captain Richardson who intends to arrest Claire for spying. With Tom and von Namtzen's assistance Grey uncovers that Mayrhofer is the murdered man in green, and that Maria Mayrhofer along with Scanlon, Jack, and Trevelyan were about to escape by sea using Trevelyan's connections to do so. Just as he would never stop loving Hector. Es war spät; in der Festung war nichts zu hören außer den gelegentlichen Schritten des Soldaten, der draußen vor dem Fenster im Innenhof Wache hielt. Still, Grey returns to London and does his best not to think of Jamie Fraser, with varying degrees of success. After a day of nervous anticipation, Grey retires as usual, passing the candle before the window to the signal to Quarry – who had insisted on accompanying him, but to remain at a distance – that all is well. William Ransom (step-son) Lord John, however, is a man who happens to love men. Jamie writes to John and tells him that Brianna's son is named Jeremiah Alexander Ian Fraser MacKenzie, "Ian" being the Scottish version of "John", and informs him of his task of forming a militia and leading them to do the governor's bidding. As a closeted homosexual, during a time when sodomy was a crime punishable by death, John is adept at schooling his features and behavior in order to conceal his attraction to men. The bulge of her pregnant belly however is far from the fault of her husband as they well know he'd only recently returned to London. In the books, John is blond and slightly shorter than average. [1] Publishers Weekly described him as "a competent and likable sleuth" in 2003. Grey offers to join the widow walk after he dines with Quarry. In July 1777, Grey meets Percy in Philadelphia, and Percy tells him that he believes Baron Amandine's sister and Comte St. Germain were Fergus's parents. In 1745, when Grey is sixteen, he informally joins the 46th Regiment, which Hal had raised to restore the family's reputation. Which is to say, I wrote this book under the delusion that it was a short story (well, hey, people have different standards). Briefly, in wine-fueled thought, Grey considered having Nessie as she hardly had breasts and had a narrow ass like a boy. In his mourning he still did, what he thought would be, one final service to Jamie by protecting his wife and family from Captain Richardson by marrying Claire. Spouse(s) That name deserves a moment. Upon review of Quarry's note, he finds a broadsheet attached containing a rather invidious poem that gives undertones of speculation to Gerald's sexuality, and justice being served with his death. Grey attends Brianna's wedding to Roger Mackenzie in "The Fiery Cross". In late June 1778, Percy warns Grey that Captain Richardson poses danger to William. Grey receives a letter from Magruder about O'Connell's coat that had been found at a pawnbroker shop. [24][25] Gabaldon would also write four additional Lord John novellas between 2003 and 2011. Family members Grey introduces himself to the doorman as George Everett and asks to speak to the proprietor. However, if she lived they would live out their life in India. 1. Lord John Grey, a minor character in the novels mentioned above, although he has since received his own series of novels in which he is the main character MSG: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Grey is a fine swordsman, having first begun lessons at the age of three. [1], Grey first appears in the second Outlander novel Dragonfly in Amber (1992) as a sixteen-year-old English soldier who chances upon Jamie and Claire Fraser on the eve of the Battle of Prestonpans. After, Grey asks to see the stump of Stephan's left arm, and kisses it.