For more details see our Politica sulla Privacy. Il Miglior Software di Registrazione dello Schermo Android per Registrare la Schermata Giochi Oltre all’uso del registratore dello schermo segreto di windows 10 per registrare la schermata di gioco, c’è anche un altro modo di registrare la schermata di gioco, che permette di registrare in HD e di registrare i giochi del tuo telefono android dal tuo computer. I tried tweaking the settings, yes, I am using Razer Cortex because it is the best recorder I don't use Razer Cortex but is there a option to capture your game manually? Ripsaw works with XSplit Gamecaster (Paid version). Get Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) here >,, Synapse (for drivers), Razer Cortex Gamecaster + OBS + XSplit direct download, Desktop – Intel Core i5-4440 3.10GHz or above, Desktop – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 and above, Laptop – NVIDIA GeForce GTX870M and above, Video input: Digital – HDMI / Analog – Component, Audio input: Digital – HDMI / Analog – RCA L/R, Audio mix-in input: 3.5 mm mic-in / 3.5 mm aux-in, Video output: HDMI (pass-through from HDMI and Component input), Max capture resolution: Uncompressed 1080p60, Supported resolutions: 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 576i, 480p, 480i. Get your team aligned with all the tools you need on one secure, reliable video platform. X264 CPU preset – generally the “faster” default is fine, but the rule of thumb is, if you have a slower processor, the faster the preset – so you can try superfast or ultrafast but stream quality will take a hit. Game Recorder 1. And if it is, you should see the screen from your gaming setup mirrored in OBS. Twitch, or others. *L'offerta è valida con un acquisto minimo di 99€. You should select one recording mode according to your actual needs. +, Company Congratulations for setting up your Razer Ripsaw game capture card. If you use your streaming machine for nothing but streaming, then you should check the Use Multithreaded Optimizations box, and set the Process Priority Class to High. Click on the Settings cog icon for an advanced look at the video encoding settings. CyberLink Screen Recorder 3 couples the easy-to-use editing features of PowerDirector – The No.1 Choice for Video Editors – with responsive, high-quality screen casting and capturing technology. Per ulteriori dettagli fare riferimento alla nostra Politica sulla Privacy. The spot was used by Razer to launch their products, the Razer Blade Stealth & Razer Core during CES2016, which eventually garnered numerous awards during the event. Sign up for VIP access to our Cyber Weekend deals. This is so as to let OBS make full use of your PC’s drivers and processes. Stream key: once you’ve signed up with a Twitch account, you’ll be able to obtain a stream key from there. Go ahead and install it. Iscrivendoti accetti di ricevere email da parte di Razer su prodotti, novità, eventi e promozioni (incluse offerte e sconti). It improves the quality of the stream. Our Network. Buy Now. If you’re using the free version of XSplit Broadcaster, you’ll be asked if you want to stream in 30 FPS without watermark, or 60 FPS with (until you unlock). We encourage you to review the relevant amended policies at, especially the General Terms of Use & Privacy Policy. Razer Cortex for PC. 1080p60 – you’ll need a streaming machine with a beast of a CPU for this one. +, Need Help? By registering, you agree to receive emails from Razer about products, news, events and promotions (including offers and discounts). Encoder: make sure this is set to x264 which uses your streaming machine’s CPU rather than GPU for processing. Learn more about the Razer Supported Streamer Program. Max Bitrate (kb/s): this is dependent on your internet connectivity and the type of game you’re playing. Download Razer themed desktop and mobile wallpapers, screensavers, and videos. There are multiple recording modes located on the main interface – “Game Mode” (for Windows laptop only), “Full Screen”, “Custom Area”, “Webcam” and “Audio Only”. Bitrate: change this from 96 to 128 for better quality encoding (paid-version only feature). +, Software/Services How to plug in additional hardware, or further advanced tweaking information can be found at “0 latency. It works on Android 4.1 or higher version. Always good to leave 30% of your max upload rate to the game. Using the Razer Ripsaw with XSplit Gamecaster is as easy as plugging it in and having it be detected by the software. Iscrivendoti accetti di ricevere email da parte di Razer su prodotti, novità, eventi e promozioni (incluse offerte e sconti). Copyright © 2020 Razer Inc. All rights reserved. You can record your screen using Xbox Game Bar, a built-in feature for Windows. Recording software doesn't work/not recording audio with Razer Kraken 7.1 headset No lol Record desktop screen, voiceover, and webcam simultaneously; Edit recorded clips quickly with a wide range of professional tools; Built-in plentiful templates and effects ; Export to MP4, MOV, MKV, GIF and multiple formats A new dialog box called “Device Selection” will pop up. Otherwise click Skip to go ahead. All you have to do here is make sure to choose “Razer Ripsaw” under Device up top. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding during this critical time. Razer Ripsaw comes with additional component cables for plug and play with Nintendo Switch, PC, Razer Forge TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and Wii U. Razer Ripsaw is designed to work with industry leaders like Razer Cortex Gamecaster, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit, giving you access to a wide range of powerful tools to produce captivating content. Some Razer services have been impacted due to the unique circumstances COVID-19 has created. Mobizen offers HD recording that’s very similar to the AZ app, so it’s a good option to try if AZ doesn’t work for you. Razer Ripsaw captures your game footage as uncompressed raw data and streams it on with near-to-zero latency over USB 3.0. Parte 3. I'm playing in 2 monitors and my game is running on the second screen windowed but still full screen. Expires on . Mobizen Screen Recorder. This is the basic setup procedure to getting started streaming with the Razer Ripsaw capture card and your preferred streaming software. Simply download the software and plug your Razer Ripsaw into the system to activate it. Looking to get started streaming or a get a boost to your setup? Log in to your account, or make a brand new one. — CREDITS Client: ... Screen Recorder. Get Available Screens. Bitrate: change this from 96 to 128 for better quality encoding. Curated daily by the Razer Cortex team with the latest game deals on the top stores. If you’ve got an account already, please Authorize it through the proper XSplit Broadcaster channels. A red warning message may show up below – if it does, it means one of the settings in OBS is off, and you can go ahead and make the required change or press the Optimize button to fix it. La bassa latenza non può e non sarà battuta fino all'uscita di dispositivo che useranno USB-C. Ripsaw non sarà mai la causa di un ritardo nello streaming o di altri problemi. Congratulations for setting up your Razer Ripsaw game capture card. Record and instantly share video messages from your browser. PERCHE' CONVIENE ACQUISTARE DAL RAZERSTORE? Here's more - Score a AU$15 voucher when you sign up. The pixel density is equal to 385 pixels per inch (PPI). Then, you’ll get a pop up when you’re confirmed LIVE! Then go to Encoding > Max Bitrate (kb/s) and change it to anywhere between 5 – 6000kb/s. Razer Phone screen detailed specifications*. By Gamers. Here are some tips: 1080p30 – for streaming MOBAs, RTS, RPGs, etc. This is the basic setup procedure to getting started streaming with the Razer Ripsaw capture card and your preferred streaming software. Cyberlink Screen Recorder 4 - Record your games, RPG, car game, shooting gameplay - Game Recording and Streaming Software . Plug in an aux-in music source or mic-in capable microphone to the Razer Ripsaw’s second audio mix-in channel to conveniently layer your stream with commentary, or the right companion music track. But, the reason I'm wasting my time to give this review, is that I've have been stressing about a project im working on and i JUST NEEDED WORKING A SCREEN RECORDER. Now, all you’ve got to do is Broadcast > Twitch or your selected platform to get started. All code in this section runs in this file. DOWNLOAD. Hello future.” Even if buttons are shifted around by advertisements on a web page, Macro Recorder can hit the right position. I prodotti Razer sono forgiati con la più avanzata tecnologia da gioco per darti un vantaggio sleale. – generally games with less intense movement, 720p60 – the community-agreed upon standard for streaming FPS games, games with hyper movement. Sign up today and enjoy up to $700 off* select Razer Blade laptops. No screen tearing, no artifacts, just ultra-smooth streaming. Record and instantly share video messages from your browser. For more details see our, La più grande e aggiornata raccolta di prodotti Razer. - Towelliee. Copyright ©2017 Razer Inc. All rights reserved. Why? Razer is the world leader in high-performance gaming hardware, software and systems. In addition, best only if you’re a Twitch partner. OPTIMIZES YOUR PC FOR GAMING Razer Cortex: Game Booster improves your PC performance by managing and killing processes and apps you don’t need while gaming (like business apps and background helpers). By cleaning unwanted junk files, not a single kilobyte of hard disk space is wasted, leaving you more for work and play. +, Connect Most of the settings here can be kept as is. For the purposes of this guide, we’ll go with Twitch. Solo per un periodo limitato, tutti gli ordini spediti in Italia e superiori a 89€ saranno spediti gratuitamente. This should be it! Iscriviti alla newsletter Razer e ottieni uno sconto di 10€ sul tuo acquisto. If everything looks good to you, hit the Start Streaming/Start Recording button and you’re LIVE! Otherwise Skip Wizard. How do we access the available windows or screens to record? Download the app! Per ulteriori dettagli fare riferimento alla nostra Politica sulla Privacy. Make sure your streaming machine’s graphic card is selected under Video Adapter. Streaming service: set your desired service, in this case, we’ll use Twitch, FMS URL: set this to the closest location to you. The All-in-One Screen Recorder & Video Editor. Go ahead and do that if you’ve already got a Twitch or similar such service set up. This Screen Recorder is probably under average to be honest: no audio, no face cam, nothing but screen recording. But this only applies to the Paid Version of XSplit Gamecaster. Ultra-low latency stream over USB 3.0 Razer Ripsaw captures your game footage as uncompressed raw data and streams it on with near-to-zero latency over USB 3.0. If instead, using the Razer Ripsaw with the paid-version of XSplit Gamecaster, see step 11 below. I haven't been able to record anything with Razer game booster. *L'offerta è valida con un acquisto minimo di 99€. File Path: Hit Browse and make sure to save the video file as an .mp4 for a higher quality video, Hit the Add button and choose Video Capture Device. For Razer Ripsaw drivers and more Electron has a built-in desktopCapturer that returns a list of the user’s screens. The higher you put the max bitrate the better but if you’re playing a multiplayer game, keep in mind your internet connection has to share bandwidth between the game and the stream upload. The Razer Phone screen has a 5.7-inch size with resolution 2560 × 1440 px which is equal to Quad High Definition (QHD) resolutions of screens. The world's leading brand in gaming, dedicated to provide revolutionary gaming technology and phenomenal design for gamers by gamers. While the Razer Ripsaw is capable of up to 1080p60 streaming, it is dependent on if the streaming machine is capable of handling such data transfer. The new Razer Cortex: System Booster is a one-stop solution for better system performance. Find the one that suits you best: Get your Razer Ripsaw today and become the streaming god you were destined to be. Now, all you’ve got to do is Preview Stream to “test” that everything is working. The spot was featured on CGW (Computer GraphicsWorld) magazine describing it as a new wave of … Enterprise. Like to set it to capture game, window? Let your audience feel as if they are right there beside you, when Razer Ripsaw broadcasts to popular streaming platforms in crisp clear 1080p at up to 60 frames per second. FPS: when to set at 30 and when to set at 60? Check the Custom Resolution box – this should be the same as your captured source, Scenes (right click) > Add Scene > name your scene, Source (right click) > Add > Global Source > Razer Ripsaw. ©2016 Bethesda Softworks LLC, a ZeniMax Media company. Reintroducing Razer Chroma in a way that no one has seen from Razer before. This frees up valuable resources and RAM needed for games, resulting in higher frames per second and smoother gaming performance.