:P) Thx again! No worry Dan. I removed the DWORD from registry and Autocad runs fine again except the tiny display. Did you encounter the same problem? the thread of Hexidecimal vs Decimal is here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-other_settings/registry-entry-wont-stay-decimal-windows-10/78d0c971-c2b2-403b-b213-81d5412e8928. I’ve followed the instructions, and renamed the file “flash.exe.manifest” but I haven’t had any luck. You have saved it :-) Merci beaucoup. If I open the Adobe app first, then click on the link in Firefox, it will open in the already opened Adobe app, and everything is fine. It worked for my Thinkpad P51 on PS, AI, REVIT, ACAD, but the blurry and fuzzy fonts are just annoyyyyyying. Thanks for the trick. I suspect it is some kind of permission problem, or I’m not putting the manifest file in the correct location. This fix still works very well. Thank you very much!! I have added a manifest files to solve the problem, the interface is larger, but which lost the ” save as” function. It just runs absolutely as normal – not crashing nor upsizing the GUI. Especially frustrating is Illustrator, as I use it most often. This fixed other blurry text issues in other programs, too, like Firefox and Thunderbird which are now pin sharp. I fully endorse your explanation of the fix. I have been looking for solution for a year! would be awesome if you could help me. It solves the Windows 10 Creator issue. The enlarged text is a bit fuzzy, but at least I can see it. What a great, easy fix you’ve lined out. This brings both sides of my brain together and still makes me happy to see this fix. And, is this the only reason PS won’t open? I also used Jem’s renaming suggestion to get it working for Photoshop CS2. März 2009 #1 Noch eine After Effects Frage: Wie kann ich den Abstand zwischen mehreren Keyframes am besten verringern, um die Geschwindigkeit, in der die Animation ablaufen soll, zu erhöhen? :). Then restart the computer. Thanks for this fix! just wanted to be the millionth person to say thank you brother!!! Now, I can work on my fucking AlienWare UHD ! Any help with cs3 high rez is appreciated. legend!!! Works a treat now. But it’s not working with Yahoo Messenger ( For Illustrator manifest file to work, I had to place it in a couple of extra sub-folders (./Adobe Illustrator CS6 => Support Files => Contents => Windows).”. Thanks a lot. Other tools like the Burn tool also now affects a much greater area than normal, i.e. Photoshop CC has the possibility to scale if you look under Edit> Preferences > Experimental features and then click “Scale UI 200 %…Windows only”. No longer works with 2021 and the System Enhanced solution just does not work. I am assuming so but I can’t find a Bridge folder anywhere in the 32 bit adobe folder. Wow excellent fix! OMG! HI Dan – This was a brilliant fix for Photoshop. Thanks so much! When you open the program it stops from opening and says Program Could Not Open. The base will not stay changed to decimal when I edit the DWORD 32-Bit value. HP Spectre x360 15 with 4K LCD, Win10. Forum: AppleScript - Indesign Skript Rahmeninhalt skalieren/verschieben - Die Makrosprache von Apple HilfDirSelbst.ch Great Tip bro. Be aware, if it’s Photoshop you are dealing with, there are TWO folders installed by Adobe. Mine works great on all apps I have used. In fact now I have two identical looking icons on the task bar. I have a new Dell laptop with a 4K touchscreen and I’m trying to run PSCS5 on Windows 10. hey, i tried it on cs6 PORTABEL version and it didn’t work, where should the text file be in the portabel version? not working anymore after this last windows 10 fucked up update of april 30. :(. Absolutely great fix, Dan, thanks very much for posting it. Thanks a lot, bye. Dude! seeing some one’s post about offering credit to the surface pro artist site, THEY said the problem was fixed in “The January 15, 2014 release of Adobe Illustrator CC (version 17.1)” bit it never worked on my SP3. Ich habe hier ein Video mit einer niedrigen Auflösung, das ich in eine After Effects CS3 Komposition einsetze. Thank you very much!!! This solution worked great for me on Adobe and (weirdly) Internet Explorer, but I’ve found that when I run Adobe on its own, it works fine, but when I open a pdf from Outlook, its huge like it was before. Thank you. I was able to get it to work with the 64bit applications but the .xml manifest files they provided mention 32bit OS with 64bit Architecture. i need a manifest file for autocad and revit. Note: If you are using CC, there is now an advanced option in preferences for 200% scale. I’ve searched for a solution for about a year, and all Adobe had to tell me was “We’re at the mercy of Microsoft. This fix has saved me with a couple of applications. That reverses the manifest. I’ve removed the .manifest file for Adobe and it still renders properly. I then followed the instructions to apply the fix as detailed above BUT, now… nothing is working and I am back to thee small screen. It is just scaling everything up, but you will not have a true 1:1 representation of pixels. Wow! Just wanted to add that I just UPDATED to Windows 10 and my Photoshop CC 2015 font and readability issues seem to be resolved. I made the reg change, copied the txt file from the link, pasted it into my text editor, saved it as a txt file, it photoshop.exe.manifest and put in the folder with Ps, and opened Ps… and there was no change.I must be doing something wrong. We just got a 4k 60″ and Photoshop was so small on it that I could barely read the menus. does anyone had the same problem with the same machine? There was a comment by someone among these posts that there was another site that posted a similar fix. Thanks for your quick Response! But it work after i did this steps. Quick tips: 1) The manifest filename for Premiere should be “Adobe Premiere Pro.exe.manifest”, since the EXE is names “Adobe Premiere Pro.exe” instead of what you’d expect it to be (“premiere.exe”). Thanks, donation follows. Man alive you are a genius. Although it doesn’t work for me with Autodesk products, 3ds max and Autocad 2010… on Windows 10. And I’m assuming we wouldn’t’ want to create a new DWORD (32 bit) Value. Followed the directions word for word, twice, just to be sure. After adjusting the resolution and percentage issues I opened Photoshop and Bridge both CS5 and spent a couple hours searching and trying until I came upon a YouTube video by Joe Kistel and he kindly added a link to your page. I tried the instructions and worked perfectly for photoshop CS6, but it didn`t work for Illustrator CS6. i have a Microsoft surface pro 4 64 bit; windows 10. It just tells me “the system cannot find the file specified”. Name the file exactly and end it with .exe.manifest 4. Now I can navigate around them quite comfortably. Thanks you so much for solution,I’m very happy :) I have used this for photoshop,revit,3dmax easly,but it did not work for Autocad . I hope this helps others with the same config. Thanks for this. i used it to fix the issue for join.me and popcorn time. But I have one problem left… I have an application that has no ‘exe-file’. Do you know if I can still fix it? I haven’t. thanks for the help, but somehow this doesnt work for VLC. Dan, thank you. 2 and works very good! Do you have a solution. Since then it does not work at all. You’re the best!! Get Runtime Error! I don’t code, I just fix hardware :) I’ve been a tech for years, photography is a hobby and passion as well. What is the best fix for me? *) and “UTF-8”.). work.robert.work@gmail.com with any response. I’d be happy to donate if you’re able to fix the problem for Bridge as well (I run 64 Bit). The application launches with a ‘bat-file’. I just can not install one of my 3 printers: the Canon, the installations windows are too small and incomplete. I will be keeping my xps 15 — One tip, I was having trouble with Premiere until i realized it is is called Adobe Premiere Pro and not just premiere. Create a new shortcut for “PhotoshopElementsEditor”. Great workaround to a problem Adobe should have fixed ages ago. Excellent! You have done a great thing for humanity and designers alike! Thank you so much for addressing this issue. There is setting in preferences to do this from Adobe. Even though you have “.manifest” in the name does not mean that it’s saved as a manifest file. Thanks! Like Google Chrome? Only problem that with windows 10 the amazeballs went down the train. Have a nice day Sir! I’m using Adobe CC, Photoshop and Lightroom package. PLEASE HELP! Worked for me with elements 11 and Microsoft surface pro 4. All of the ones listed above are are in pretty straight forward locations like C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe or C:\Program Files\Adobe. As for Microsoft and their latest update, I am done with Windows, but my wife still needs Photoshop. Regedit searches the registry from its current position in the registry. Awesome fix, EXCEPT, windows won’t let me change to decimal. (ASUS GL552V) 2: If not, what can I do? Thanks heaps!!! if you do it it will help me so much. :\. PD: Windows right now still has the “Override high DPI scaling behavior” but, it just makes it ridiculously big and quite blurry, canvas included. Used your Registry Patch and Downloaded your Txt file. Long answer: When the apps load, Windows asks if the app is High DPI aware and these apps answer “yes”. I’ve tried reinstalling the CS4 software but to no avail. Has anyone been able to get this to work with Quickbooks 2014? But I want to give thanks also to David Jones, I spent many hours tryin’ to figure this out and it wasn’t till I got to DJones suggestion of changing the processor architecture from AMD to x86 that I saw the light. Closing and re-launching the program does not help. thank you, thank you, thank you Dan! Can anyone confirm if this method still works after upgrading to Windows 10 Creators Update? Dude. worked like a charm… just needed to change to manifest file. How can I create manifest files? AfterFX.exe.manifest and NOT aftereffects.exe.manifest. Auswahlen skalieren. :D. As rosig points, alle updates will remove the changes, så every time the program update, You have to dp it all again. Any help would be great. However, PS Elements Organizer and Editor, Adobe DNG Converter, and my Canon Scanner app didn’t – they all looked tiny. After making the changes supplied by Dan as well as the change of the second dependency from processorArchitecture=”amd64″ to processorArchitecture=”x86″ by TabbyPaw, all 3 products are now usable. Dear Dan, thanks for your sharing, bit what I need is a 150% UI scaling. It keeps going back to hex. Do you know if there’s a method to apply this trick to macOS? IT WORKED PERFECTLY AND INSTANTLY! autocad . Just so you know, you need to do it every time Windows 10 updates. Photoshop CS5.5 is tiny interface on Retina monitor. Now for some reason it is resorting back to its old ways. It is extremely bad programming from Adobe. And changed the key value from 1 to 0 and rebooted. Same problem here. Perhaps you need only to re-do the registry hack? PS: If you are wondering why i am putting a leading 0 in front of my numbers is because once you hit the decimal value of ’10’ Hexadecimal represents ’10’ as 0A and decimal is:10. What can I do? When I open an attachment within Outlook 2016 for a pdf file, it still has the DPI sizing issues, but when I copy the file to the hard drive and open it, the compatibility changes work normally. But, PS cant be opened because of “file cannot be specified”. You are awesome for posting this!! Just tried this for CS6 and Windows 7. Thanks for this post, its very insteresting. > @Erik All I did to make it work is modify the line in the manifest file “processorArchitecture=”amd64” to “x86” and now everything works fine. Edge is basically unusable with the ant sized interface. I restored it, and things are apparently back to normal. (Service Pack 3+)”. cursor is still smaller than a painted mark. Hi, for some reason, all work nicely except Illustrator. I am trying to get this to work with premiere but it doesn’t seem to work. Also make sure your file is saved as a “.MANIFEST” file and not a “.txt” file. The tiny menus are not only the problem in Adobe programs, as I can see similar things happening in some of Office 10 modules. I got it to work with AutoCAD but not Maple as of yet :(. (I am still too mad at Adobe to subscribe to CC!) I even toggled the “disable display…” option and it made no difference. Your going to want to replace one of the existing assemblyIdentity lines. Does the fact that it is a 64-bit application matter? Thanks again. Thanks! It’s a gem of a cure for eye strain. For Photoshop CC 2015 its not working. HP Spectre x360-15 with 4K. I’ve got version 10.0.19041 Build 19041. Brad S., yes the software is old, but they still sell it. I get the following message: Your system does not meet minimal requirements. I renamed the Photoshop.exe file to PhotoshopCS2.exe, and changed the manifest file to match. Thanks so much for easy instructions for a regedit novice like me. Click OK,. Before you play with a manifest file try this. Creating a external manifest file is really a nice idea. I tried its not working. And it *IS* necessary. It is really a shame that software developpers have not anticipated High DPI screens… Thanks to you, I can now enjoy my new xps15 with a 4K screen ! I tried all the changes from previous notes and it still opens up very small – please advise. For photoshop CS5 find photoshop.exe in C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe. I’m working a lot with illustrator – would be cool if it would have normal size again…. You are a bit of a genious, eh? Have just followed these very clear instructions for my Adobe RoboHelp 2015 on high res laptop, which until now displayed some dialogs with illegibly small lists and icons, and it’s now all fine! I have a 64 bit operating system and processor. For instance, when I pick up the dropper tool, its really small I can barely see it. Any suggestions? I followed exactly your instructions and was successful with, – Illustrator CS6 x64 – Dreamweaver CS6 x64 – InDesign CS6 x64 – Media Encoder CS6 x64. Thanks Dan! I followed your instructions but it didn’t work for Google Earth Pro. Thank you! I have the y50-70 too, and still the same problem. Another happy customer. 2) To locate the folder where the .exe.manifest file should be placed, right-click on the shortcut to the application and select “open containing folder” or “open file location” or the equivalent. Pls Help…. create a new document) to set value, which only allows me to use the Tab key to move among the highlighted value. doesn’t work. And I’m not a programmer so I can’t work it out on my own as an earlier poster suggested in a rather rude manner. This is an amazing fix for Photoshop CS6! There are a bunch of other manifest files in the VLC directory that I haven’t tried to change yet but using “vlc.exe.manifest” alone doesn’t work. Thank you for the temporary fix, but I still feel that the image and the menu it self is a bit blur even though it’s not pixelated. Remove the photoshop.exe.manifest file from the Photoshop directory and Photoshop loads correctly, but with the scaling issues. thanks, wow.. it saved my nerves… anyway, I have few questions, maybe stupid, but… do you also have these enlarged boxes so “blurry”? Man, these IT guys! Themenstarter Thomas D; Beginndatum 11. I hope we could discuss more in the future ! It worked for me only that photoshop became blurry. This isn’t working for me for some reason, I’ve followed what you said to do exactly and it doesn’t change anything. The problem originally surfaced for me after purchasing a new Dell Laptop with a high resolution monitor (3840×2160). What should I do? Thank you! Thank YOU!! Works as great!!! Worked on Windows 10 Surface Book and high res second screen, for Adobe Bridge. I repeated every step and I don’t know, what is wrong. Previously I was able to get the manifest fix to work, but now when I apply the fix the Adobe splash logo shows up at the larger, scaled size then immediately reverts to the smaller size. So typing them is a simple solution that resolves that issue. Don’t know if 32 bit works. I was hoping that this fix would eliminate the need for constant screen resolution changes, but it did not work for me. Anyone else experiencing this? the problem is with adobe cc 2014 products. I created a manifest file for the Photoshop simply by changing the name of the working manifest file for the Illustrator, or changing Illustrator.exe.manifest to Photoshop.exe.manifest and tried it but no luck. I hope you can help me to solve this problem, It’s really stressing! Probably some quirk of the system…. Other side effects will be that some icons don’t get scaled, so for example, when you click on the magnifying glass, the magnifying glass icon that gets attached to your cursor will be very tiny. R6034 An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. I changed the following”processorArchitecture=”amd64″” to “processorArchitecture=”x86”. Hi Dan, for me it simply does NOT work. You don’t have a manifest file for that, but my understanding is, that those files are all the same, just with a different name. Find my most recent post to this thread. Dan, thanks for doing all the legwork. Adobe Prelude > adobe prelude.exe.manifest. I will be sending you a donation ;-). The fix worked exactly as described for both Photoshop and Dreamweaver CS6 on Win 10. I was logged in as an administrator. Thanks again! Why should you use this solution witch works wonderful for Bridge CC also for Photoshop CC? 2)Symptom: “The system cannot find the file specified” is displayed. The problem with ID is not the size of the user interface, but the fact that the interface as well as the actual file is pixelated. I followed the steps and was able to use it on all the Adobe CS6 programs as well as Eclipse and Netbeans. I just bought this computer yesterday, but I have to be able to use Elements….can anyone help?? The file extension .txt must be removed when creating this manifest file. Thanks. No error, no problem. You solution is very elegant – and how did you find it? This solution worked for LR, but I still don’t have any solution for Photoshop CS5.1. There is so many dlls and exes – it doesn’t work on the one the file points too. It is asking me to get permission from administrator to save tje manifest file i downloafld from your link. I think it has to do with the PreferExternaanifest file because for some reason it won’t change to decimal no matter how many times I do it and I have no idea why, I’m using windows 8.1 on a Lenovo Yoga 3 pro. This is a fantastic tutorial that I will definitely inform my peers of. The only thing that you will be waiting for is Legacy application support. ! Using an image program called FastStone image viewer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem”. 3dmax . God bless you! I had to redo this after the Windows 10 Creators Update removed the PreferExternalManifest registry entry. Any ideas? Didn’t know if that was a copy/paste from the file name. DO NOT use the main desktop shortcut to open photoshop elements. P.S. I also am not able to use the hand to move my content around and when I insert a cursor into a document for type, its tiny! I tryied to fix it with the same procedure and manifest file with no results… did you have an idea ? Unfortunately, reducing the monitor resolution on the higher-res Retina monitor creates distortions and halos, so that is not an option and I had to leave it alone. When I looked a little closer, I discovered that the actual Illustrator executable is kind of hidden away; instead of being in Program Files (x86) > Adobe Illustrator CS6 it’s buried a little further under Support Files > Contents > Windows.