Handle: @justin_gelband. #love2. I’ve never seen anything like it! You can also check out his blog for even more content! For all those asking about customised training & diet programs. 10. One thing that stood out to me was the Daily Pump which showcases Smith’s exact workout from the previous day. On his website, Ulisses provides fans the opportunity to purchase merchandise like customized workout plans, supplements, and clothing. I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. The bodybuilder has created a fitness empire and even has his own fitness clothing line, SeidWear! He also has a. offers multiple products like coaching programs, Titan memberships, and merch! If you head to Sentmanant’s Instagram you can see the program brought to life. Being fit as it keeps you active and energetic is good. is full of videos that elaborate more on his fitness and firearms experience. The Australian bodybuilder and powerlifter has used social media as a platform to share his workouts with others. gives fans a closer look at his fun-loving personality. Where: Los Angeles, California. Instagram has, in that time, become the new shop window for gents in the know. 410.6k Followers, 332 Following, 1,481 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Fitness Models (@fitness_models) We use cookies to help improve our website. His Instagram shows off his impressive physique and his unique sense of humor. While Kevin Hart might not be the first person who comes to mind when you think of fitness, there’s no doubt the comedian absolutely kills it in the gym. Joey Sergo, known as Joey Swoll, is an American bodybuilder who first got interested in lifting weights whilst in college. After his time with the Mets, Cavaliere went on to start his fitness brand Athlean-X. The powerhouse spends his days at the gym where he is constantly pushing himself to the limit! Fitness has opened new scopes of the horizon like modelling, gyming etc. He uses his expertise to help others reach their fitness goals. Not only does he compete in bodybuilding competitions but he also judges them. He is considered one of the elite male fitness models and has used this to build a successful empire for himself. A post shared by Ben Booker (@thebenbooker) on Aug 18, 2017 at 3:10pm PDT, Every single day, millions of people go to the gym with the intention of becoming…, Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid that many people include in their pre-workout supplementation. Rich Froning is another CrossFit powerhouse! Smith’s transparency with his workouts set him apart. They sell both men’s and women’s fitness apparel and post stunning images whilst doing so. His. , A post shared by Daniel Blackwell (@idannyb) on May 15, 2014 at 6:48am PDT. His profile flaunts his amazing muscles and dedication to fitness. His success has helped him develop a platform to encourage others on their fitness journey. If you check out one of his multiple workout videos it’s clear that he is no joke in the gym. The wrestler turned actor and fitness star motivates bodybuilders all over the world with his head-turning muscles and star personality. He uses his expertise to help others reach their fitness goals. #bestoftheday5. His coaching and bodybuilding success has lifted him to the top of social media fame. If you need some inspiration to get in the gym, nothing beats going on Instagram to gawk at some of the fittest gay trainers around the world. With a range of different looks and physiques, we feel these 20 are a cut above the rest. Simeon Panda is a world-renowned fitness entrepreneur and bodybuilder. Also, his dog’s name is Hulk and I just think that’s amazing. By Esquire Editors. His Instagram profile is full of workouts that his followers can use to grow their muscles. Dec 12, 2015 Courtesy: Treats! For some people carbs can cause them to hold onto way too much water. Froning owns his own CrossFit gym, CrossFit Mayhem. Shaun T does not just focus on fitness, his programs range from fitness to mental to relationships. Here are some of our favorites, your picks, and a few famous celebrity trainers that we couldn’t leave out. A post shared by Jeff Seid (@jeff_seid) on Nov 24, 2018 at 1:49pm PST. The former head physical therapist and assistant strength coach for the New York Mets has been able to use his fitness expertise to help people get into shape worldwide. Within a very short time, he achieved the title of the best fitness model. The Seattle model Brandon Keys is also the owner at Invoke Fitness. Justin Gelband. If you’re not following a few of them on Instagram, you just shouldn’t even be on Instagram. If … 55 Fitness Instagram Accounts That Will Motivate the Hell Out Of You . Being big was never my goal. He mentions his son as one of his biggest motivations to continue to stay fit and push himself at the gym. His Instagram profile is full of workouts along with pictures and videos showcasing Ryan’s insane muscles. So take care of Aestatical features. Smith’s transparency with his workouts set him apart. People started following him because of his determination. The former football player transformed into an incredible entrepreneur. Instagram, of course! Today, Ryan has his own website, where he offers products like online coaching and Ebooks. When he is not competing, Sergi takes to social media to share motivation (his insanely toned physique) and workouts with his 4 million followers on Instagram. Through his journey, David has not only built incredible muscles and confidence, but he has also built an impressive following on Instagram. When skipping head day becomes a habit _ @tibonorman, A post shared by RӨGΣR SПIPΣS (@rogersnipes) on Jan 18, 2019 at 1:27pm PST. For a good laugh head over to LOL Network’s YouTube series, The Florida native is a Marine Corps Veteran and retired SWAT Operator who has turned his experiences into a successful business where he shares his knowledge with others. To keep up with Shaun T you can go to his Instagram to see awesome motivational posts along with posts of his ADORABLE family. You can check out the Instagram page of this fitness freak to get some interesting facts about him. Instagram: @lukewtraining. This Spanish bodybuilding star and male fitness model has not only captured titles over the years, including the Men’s Physique NPC Southern State and Mr. Olympia Muscle and Fitness Cover Model Search Champion, but he has also captured the attention of workout fanatics all over Instagram and YouTube. View on Instagram. He has found a way to seamlessly combine humor and hard work to become one of the most well know IFBB athletes. He has been named one of Forbes top ten fitness influencers, along with earning a MuscleMania Pro title. @live_fit_apparel #LVFTforever, A post shared by p h a m • v u (@phamflexx) on Nov 22, 2017 at 10:22pm PST. With bodybuilding once being thought of as a man’s sport, it is surprising that Ulisses Jr is the only male Instagram fitness model on this list. Check out his Instagram to see the countless workouts he shares with followers and some funny videos where he makes fun of himself. ... 7 New York Fitness Studios for the Gay Man Looking to Strength Train. Last session done before the @bodypowerexpo weekend.. Come check me and the lads out @gymshark stand! But don’t let his comedy fool you, this two-time Arnold Champion Bodybuilder is no joke. Her parents were competitive models and travelled to join different tournaments. A fitness model and bodybuilder, Michelle was named as one of the top fitness influencers by Forbes magazine and is regarded as one of the most influential people in the fitness modeling world. On his, he offers personal training to make dreams become reality! The Rock does not disappoint when it comes to content. His website boasts his amazing products. Height: 187cm Froning owns his own CrossFit gym, CrossFit Mayhem. He created Real World Tactical which focuses on his experience to provide firearms training. Pham has one of the most recognizable bodies in the world and is now a source of inspiration for millions of men worldwide. He says he wants to be an inspiration to all of those people who’ve ever been knocked down, proving that you can get back up. As a gym owner and motivational speaker, Ben continues to be an inspiration to those in the fitness industry whilst helping others to turn their lives around. Get ready for some serious eye candy as we present 10 Korean Male models private IG accounts, documenting their photo-shoots, backstage antics, celebrity friends, smoldering selfies and all the charming sexiness in-between. His life-changing programs have impacted tons of people. His, offers a program focused on DUP (daily undulating periodization), which is what David used to get his physique. Inspire To World Great Fitness Models: 1. Man of Many, 22 Feb 2020. He keeps it real on Instagram though, and isn't afraid to show the truth behind rippling six-pack snaps. Possibly one of the most powerful men on this list, Kris is an internationally renowned trainer, CEO and one of the most respected men in fitness as the former editor in chief of bodybuilding.com. This male fitness influencer has used his platform to create a brand for himself that includes the “Zoo Culture” gym, personal training, BMFIT, supplements, and a podcast! For females , There can be various kinds of modelling. He created the brand “Just Train” that focuses on providing training, nutrition, and overall wellness to clients. Sommer Ray is a stunning 21-year-old black fitness model on Instagram with more than 21m followers. For even more content, his, Ryan Terry is a renowned bodybuilding competitor and fitness model, along with being a Gymshark and Ultimate Sport Nutrition ambassador. View this post on Instagram. With 2 million followers, Joey can prove to anyone that his life-changing process seriously works. Begin acting, committing and executing. Instagram ID: @eva_andressa; Followers: 5.4 million Blessing #boogieman Awobidu is the comedian of the bodybuilding world. Their ‘grams are full of helpful tips, inspirational mantras and shirtless selfies that demand our attention. Mikes hard work, dedication, and ‘All American’ image gives him an evergreen look that never goes out of style, hence why he has been so successful for so long. Fitness und Bodybuilding sind – insbesondere durch soziale Netzwerke wie Instagram - mittlerweile ein Lifestyle geworden und machen einen großen Marktanteil aus. ⛩ Gotta work harder to counteract all splurging while on vacation. A quick scroll through Hart’s Instagram feed gives followers a glimpse into his personal life and his workout routines. He truly embodies a well-rounded approach to health. On his. Another successful day outangling everything in sight, A post shared by Michael Thurston (@mikethurston) on Jan 5, 2019 at 8:25am PST. His Instagram feed showcases workouts, a look into his personal like, and incredible transformations. Here are 16 super-hot gay trainers to follow on Instagram: He has been named the “Glute Guy.” His Instagram is filled with very valuable tips for people who want to work out their glutes. His YouTube channel is extremely informative in regards to nutrition and fitness plateaus. His, Blessing #boogieman Awobidu is the comedian of the bodybuilding world. He created the brand “Just Train” that focuses on providing training, nutrition, and overall wellness to clients. . ... Look at the top fitness models on Instagram and other … 129.8k Followers, 903 Following, 2,925 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Handsome Guys Fitness Models (@guycandy) Sentmanant is very transparent with his followers and uses his platform to inspire others. Are you an Influencer? (CLICK LINK IN BIO @belegend_lifestyle ) ✔️For men & women and avaliable in english & ESPAÑOL . Da ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass viele Sportler, egal ob Leichtathleten, Personal-Trainer oder Tänzer, heutzutage zwischen Workout und Shootings pendeln. New York born, Ulisses Jr, took a keen interest in fitness, even as a schoolboy. Jacoy’s rugged physique and handsome looks make him a natural for fitness modeling and he has since built his reputation as one of the best in the world. You can see the apparel on almost any fitness influencer or gym addict. Suppp I’m filming a Q&A today. Get ready for abs galore! You need to work for what you want! He also offers tons of programs on his website that cater to both men and women. 10 Popular Instagram Models Bare it All For Treats! Often compared to Goku, due to his hair, Jeff has a body that any superhero would be proud of. Keeping a … His Instagram and, have tons of tips and videos for aspiring bodybuilders. The four-time CrossFit Games champion has amassed an impressive following due to his success in competitions. Abdalla is best known as "Mr PMA" — that's Positive Mental Attitude. Mike O’Hearn, otherwise known as the Titan, is the real deal. His Instagram and YouTube channel have tons of tips and videos for aspiring bodybuilders. The 50 Best Female Fitness Influencers on Instagram Follow these fit women we're crushing on for inspiration, workout ideas, and motivation. However, he was one of the smallest in his age group. He mentions his son as one of his biggest motivations to continue to stay fit and push himself at the gym. Sergi Constance. your business, and we’ll be in touch shortly. In Cali, summer never ends ☀️ @vqfit . If you’re looking for a closer look into his training and competitions head over to CrossFit Mayhem’s YouTube page for tons of vlogs and day in the life videos. Everybody knows that Russian models are one of the most beautiful women in the world, that is why their accounts on Instagram draw the attention of many followers, and their candid photos have thousands of likes. Some of them are known for their style, while others are known for their cooking expertise. Anyone with the initiative and self-assurance to lead the way can do so. The former football player transformed into an incredible entrepreneur. Discover @4invictus Anima underwear. How to Turn Fat Into Muscle and is it Even Possible. I’m sure you’ll be just as shocked as I was to hear that when he started working out he was 90 pounds! For cuteness OVERLOAD check out his adorable son on his Instagram! He made his fashion debut on the runway of the Calvin Klein Spring/Summer 2016 show. Fitness models earn nuts in front of foot models. Followers: 20k. https://neoreach.com/top-male-fitness-influencers-instagram Williams is the CEO/Founder of Tranzlabs and an international fitness model based in both Toronto and Miami. He has been a Mr. Olympia Men’s Physique Competitor three times! This is what separates the truly great male fitness models from the mediocre ones and what ultimately dictates how successful you’ll be. It’s only natural to have Kevin Hart’s trainer on the top 25 with him! With his enviable ab definition and athletic look, Angelov has landed magazine spreads and endorsement deals with fitness companies. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) ... Instagram is arguably the internet’s largest platform for fitness, and there are countless trainers and models providing followers with the motivation they need to stay consistent with their … Former international athlete Worthington is a Nike trainer, sports scientist, and personal trainer to A-list celebrities, models, and elite athletes. His, Bradley Martyn uses his bodybuilding fame to inspire nearly 3 million fellow workout fanatics. A post shared by Kris Gethin Official (@krisgethin) on Dec 4, 2018 at 6:48am PST. With a Masters degree in Physical Therapy, Cavaliere is able to create programs and write books that truly focus on the science of fitness. Sergi inspires millions to pursue their fitness goals…….Just look at those arms! Initially intending to become a police officer and join the SWAT department, Marc transitioned into fitness once he began to find more and more opportunities within the fitness community. Known as “The Quad Guy” (I mean look at them), Julian Smith has propelled to success in the bodybuilding world. Michael Vazquez transformed his life when he realized it was taking an unhealthy turn. 9. We love following fitness models because they provide inspiration and motivation. Followers: 71.9K. Simeon has been on the cover of the world’s top fitness magazines and he was recently listed in Forbes as one of the world’s top 10 fitness influencers. #Shredmas #21DayChallenge #WorkHard, A post shared by Marc Fitt (@marc_fitt) on Dec 6, 2018 at 10:14am PST. by M&F Editors. Ben Booker’s story is quite impressive. Since then he has become one of the top male fitness influencers and male fitness models on Instagram! His videos combine his passion for fitness and his eye for film. @belegend_lifestyle . Whether playing high school football or smashing weight lifting records as a teen, Steve has always dedicated himself to self-improvement and to achieving his athletic potential. He truly embodies a well-rounded approach to health. One of the most iconic fitness apparel brands is Gymshark. He is considered one of the elite male fitness models and has used this to build a successful empire for himself. His Instagram feed showcases workouts, a look into his personal like, and incredible transformations. He also has a. where he shares posts on a plethora of topics. He is a natural bodybuilder who proves that you don’t need substances to be a fitness star. New York born, Ulisses Jr, took a keen interest in fitness, even as a schoolboy. Magazine (NSFW) The nipple is free. This Gymshark ambassador and mega-stud has captured the attention of millions with his toned muscles and killer workouts. Shaun T has used his platform to share fitness knowledge and motivate others to reach their fitness goals and transform their lives. Link in bio. He is also an influencer for brands like Braun.