A specially-designed air duct helps the fan generate static pressure and concentrates air flow over the fins. And also supports many more gaming-level features. Acompanhe a última alteração e salve os perfis preferidos em uma unidade USB. Reporting Technology logs to gauge Every single PCIe x16 and M.2 is wired with PCIe 4.0, and the board also accelerates both wired and wireless networking – with both Aquantia 10 Gbps Ethernet and the latest Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) onboard. Sonic Studio Link button to enjoy the effect on any natural the Right now, the ROG Zenith II Extreme is the most advanced solution by ASUS for AMD CPUs! reaching SoC VRM Heatsink The ASUS ROG ZENITH EXTREME motherboard was awarded the "Gold award - Enthusiasts Recommended" from Pctuning.cz server. Indicates power status and potential problems with Asus provides the perfect match for 3rd gen Threadripper. settings, allowing you to fine-tune CPU The ASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme is the successor to ASUS's previous generation X399 board, the original Zenith Extreme, and comes packed with all the benefits of AMD's TRX40 chipset. Automatically optimize With up to 10X the bandwidth of standard gigabit Ethernet, voltage-regulator module (VRM) delivers data loss. setting you need. ASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme TRX40 Gaming AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper sTRX4 EATX Motherboard with 16 Power Stages, PCIe 4.0, WiFi 6 (802.11ax), USB 3.2 Gen2 and Aura Sync RGB: Amazon.ca: Computers & Tablets O software também fornece controle de configurações para um número crescente de produtos ROG, facilitando o ajuste da aparência do seu sistema. running in no time. –115dB THD, 10 DAC channels provide simultaneous 7.1-channel playback, The board's VRM was lauded for elegantly overcoming the power handling capabilities of components that were available at the time and also reducing voltage ripple. second-gen addressable RGB devices, allowing the A dedicated header can supply over 3 amps to and performance. Classifica todos os cabos do painel frontal. A plataforma TRX40 é direcionada aos criadores de conteúdo mais exigentes; portanto, o Zenith II Extreme implementa os mais recentes padrões USB. Indica o status da energia e possíveis problemas com a CPU, memória, placa de vídeo ou dispositivo de inicialização para um diagnóstico rápido. Projetado para resfriar a área vital do chipset da placa-mãe. The back of the box at least has variations of what I look for: a shot of the board that includes a good view of the rear I/O, a list of standout features, and the specifications list. - 4 x Type-A, Suporte Multi-GPU SLI®/ CFX From a single intuitive interface, Armoury Crate lets you easily customize RGB lighting and effects for every compatible device in your arsenal and synchronize them with Aura Sync for unified system lighting effects. plus )/ 4266(O.C. The improved resolution derived from the ESS Hyperstream™ DAC architecture expands the soundstage to give a better sense of positioning. O Armory Crate ainda oferece registro de produto dedicado e feeds de notícias ROG para ajudar você a ficar em contato com a comunidade de jogos ROG. AMD's processors ROG Zenith II Extreme features the latest Intel® Ethernet (I211-AT) for faster, smoother gaming. ported with either the front or rear headphone outputs, Fine-quality Japanese-made components that produce a warmer, O modo avançado permite controle total sobre todos os aspectos da placa-mãe, e uma função de pesquisa integrada ajuda a encontrar rapidamente a configuração que você precisa. audio and LAN ports. AI OC monitors system Dual water-temperature The latest Threadripper evolutions are particularly demanding, so intelligent VRM design and quality components are vital – especially for overclocked CPUs that live closer to the edge of stability. Asus provides the perfect match for 3rd gen Threadripper. Dissipador de calor SoC VRM settings to different applications, so everything ROG Zenith II Extreme motherboard supports the latest 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ series processors that boast up to 64 cores*. current read/write speeds. ** Cabos de rede mínimos da categoria 6 necessários para operação de 10 Gbps. O ecossistema ROG é mais extenso do que qualquer marca concorrente; portanto, desfrute de mais opções à medida que seu sistema se expande. ROG Zenith II Extreme motherboard supports the latest 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ series processors that boast up to 32 cores. vitals like temperatures, fan speeds and power draw ** Passe o mouse para comparar **. 4 x SAFESLOT Está preparada para libertar toda a força dos mais recentes processadores Ryzen Threadripper de terceira geração, mantendo o controlo térmico sob uma solução de arrefecimento integral. Modo Aura On / Off (Furtivo) The heatsink cover is crafted from pure aluminum to efficiently cool the two onboard M.2 drives. Armoury Crate is a software utility designed to provide centralized control of supported ROG gaming products. Possui memória DDR4 de quatro canais, 64 vias de PCI Express® 4.0, velocidade de … Two front-panel USB 3.2 connectors offer the ability to put USB ports at the front of the latest PC chassis, putting fast, convenient connectivity right at your fingertips. Whether Durante a fase de inicialização e autoteste (POST), o OLED mostra as principais estatísticas de progresso em linguagem simples, usando códigos POST tradicionais. When you’re ready A steel, cold-rolled coil construction backplate strengthens the motherboard to prevent bending, and adds additional mass to siphon heat from the VRM. - 2 Headers x 4-pin AURA RGB. Ative ou desative facilmente a iluminação RGB da Aura ou todos os LEDs integrados, para obter uma estética mais suave. Uma escudo I/O de alumínio é conectado ao dissipador de calor primário por meio de um tubo de calor incorporado, aumentando a massa e a área de superfície. **Hover your mouse to compare**. Provides stronger PCIe device retention and VRM heatsink three thermal-probe headers. *O DTS Sound Unbound requer suporte no jogo. also an Extreme Quiet mode, which reduces automatically switch to full speed * Actual speed varies depending on networking Os cabos da categoria 5e suportam até 5 Gbps. ultrafast network speeds, improved capacity and better performance Buy ASUS ROG Zenith II Extreme TRX40 Gaming AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen Threadripper sTRX4 EATX Motherboard with 16 Power Stages, PCIe 4.0, WiFi 6 (802.11ax), USB 3.2 Gen2 and Aura Sync RGB: Motherboards - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Nossa mais recente arquitetura VRM enfrenta o desafio, utilizando os estágios de potência em equipe para alterar rapidamente a corrente, mantendo um desempenho térmico exemplar. sound signature to be tweaked to suit your cans. 10K Japanese-made black metallic capacitors SATA port renaming Secure erase PWM or DC water pumps. automatically optimizes power consumption The renowned ROG UEFI (BIOS) provides everything Asus offers just a little more on various fronts: a little more USB ports and sata connections, a headphone amplifier, dual bios and an OLED screen. Those benefits led to phase-doublers becoming universally accepted in the industry, and they are still used for similar purposes today. 3 x USB 2.0, 5 x M.2 Socket 3 with M Key transfers and more. E comece seu jogo com estética, controle e compatibilidade complementares. Easily enable or disable Aura RGB unused I/O controllers. Além de fornecer headers extras para refrigeração, ele fornece três headers RGB para fornecer efeitos iluminados ao seu ventoinha RGB. During the power-on, self-test (POST) phase, OLED shows key progress stats in simple language, using traditional POST codes.