Be My Eyes is a free smartphone app for iOS and Android. What is Be My Eyes? Then you select whether you are a sighted or blind user. I downloaded the Be My Eyes app and tried it out recently. Be My Eyes Lyrics: Little white horses on carousels and quicksand / Am I one of you, or one of them? Equip your sales force with our ‘Compass’ app to perform fast & accurate store audits using IR, or order visits from our community of 3m+ on-demand auditors. Be My Eyes was founded by Hans Jorgen Wiberg, a visually disabled Danish man whose blind friend told him he uses video calls to friends and family whenever he needed assistance. Get your in-store KPIs in real-time. Be My Eyes is a free mobile app designed to bring sight to the blind and visually impaired. The Android version followed in October 2017 to rave reviews. Welcome to Be My Eyes! As P&G steps up to support communities around the world, we want to be as inclusive as possible. Be My Eyes is a multi-lingual support community millions strong, available globally day or night, and has volunteers answering calls in more than 185 languages. My Experience Installing the App. Be My Eyes' goal is to improve the lives of the blind by connecting them to a community of online volunteers and company representatives. 281 talking about this. The app was launched for iOS in January 2015, and within 24 hours, it had more than 10,000 users. All you do is go to the app store and install the app. Be sure that we will always place your interests on top of anything. Work as an 'Eye' 300+ companies trust us: Offline retail tracking - powered by I.R. Be My Eyes connects blind and low vision users with sighted volunteers or company representatives for visual assistance through a live video connection. Join the community today! In more basic terms, it allows users to have a sighted person on demand through video chat. As a Be My Eyes volunteer, you are able to help out blind and low-vision individuals with their daily tasks through your smartphone. r/bemyeyes: Be My Eyes is an iPhone app that lets blind people contact a network of sighted volunteers for help with live video chat. The Be My Eyes app is free and available in the AppStore. It was incredibly easy to use and very helpful. Since BeMyEye was created, we have put all our efforts into offering a flexible, fairly paid way for our users to earn money on the side. / Television dulls my senses and reactions / I can't seem to find my way again / … Be My Eyes is a free mobile app designed to bring sight to people who are blind or have low vision.