With Snapchat’s 100+ million daily users, more people are becoming exposed with augmented reality. The inauguration committee for President-elect Joe Biden will roll out augmented reality lenses on Snapchat on Wednesday to help users celebrate the transition of power from afar. Snapchat's Local Lenses can paint whole city blocks with AR. Online fitness community SWEAT has released an interactive Snapchat Lens designed to get your body moving via a miniature fitness challenge powered by augmented reality. Eine 18-jährige US-amerikanische Influencerin verzeichnet mit rund 30 Augmented-Reality-Linsen bei Snapchat insgesamt 17 Milliarden Views. Whether they realize it or not, Snapchat users are being trained to use more and more augmented reality capabilities, and … Sweat became the first Australian brand this month to utilise Snap’s latest AR advancement, 3D Full Body Tracking technology. Snapchat Snapchat, like many companies, is pursuing augmented reality at a fever pitch, with AR-enabled smartglasses on the horizon. And, with the AR features fueling a … Snapchat is betting big on augmented reality. “We’ve partnered with Snapchat, using new and exciting augmented reality technology to give you a mini challenge with our Snapchat lens that’s … Tapping into Snapchat’s full-body augmented reality (AR) lens is allowing Sweat a fresh take on social media engagement as its debuts the latest new year Sweat Challenge, its CEO says. But Snapchat is in a unique position: it has a largely Gen Z and millennial audience and sophisticated augmented reality lenses are endemic to the platform, which is a natural complement to fashion, who has struggled to solve the problem of online try-on. Snapchat's road to an eventual pair of AR glasses looks like it runs through lens creators. Using Snapchat… Ein russischer Teenager hat auf Instagram mit einem einzigen AR-Effekt, bei dem die Nutzer „Flappy Bird“ mittels Blinzeln steuern können, in nur zwei Wochen mehr als eine Milliarde Views angesammelt. In its quarterly earnings call, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said Snapchat added users and generated more revenue, but the company is setting its sights on augmented reality to propel it … Snapchat is the undisputed leader of ephemeral messaging and at this rate, they will probably be the leader in AR as well. Snapchat Wants to Blow Your Mind With Augmented Reality The recent release of Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone 12 lineup brings with it some amazing new technology for augmented reality … Snapchat is the only company that is introducing AR to the millennial audience at an extremely rapid rate. This fitness-focused challenge will leave your leg muscles screaming. Snapchat’s been discreetly working on a Google Glass-esque hardware device, which could be used for augmented reality features.